Kaluluini Secondary school is a brain child of the Kaluluini promotion Group.

This group came together in 1999 with the following goals:

To alleviate levels of education in Kaluluini sub-location of Matuu-Yatta.

To raise bursaries for needs bright children in the area.

Start a secondary school which would enhance the transition rate from primary to secondary education

Through the initiative of Mr. Nzioka (former Headteacher Kaluluini Primary school) and Mr. Somba D. (Current Headteacher Kaluluini Primary school) and an organizing committee.

The dream of building a secondary school was realized when a harambee was conducted in 2002 and raised Ksh. 200,000 (Ksh Two hundred thousand only).

Later in 2006, the area councilor John Musyoki was able to mobilize funds from LATF from Matuu Urban Council for the completion of 2 classrooms.

Similarly, in March 2007, the Yatta constituency Development fund through the area M.P Charles Kilonzo donated Ksh. 700,000 for building one complete classroom and 40 lockers and chairs.

Through all these efforts, Kaluluini secondary school opened its doors to 40 form I students in Feb. 2008.

The current enrolment is 51.

The school has a potential for growth and we therefore urge donors from Kenya and the world over to assist in expansion of the school.



Lunch 1500

Caution money 500

Total 2,000


Lunch 1,500

Total 1,500


Lunch 1,500

Total 1,500


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